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Care & Prayer

Prayer is the guiding principle for choosing a ministry in which to serve. We trust God to lead us to enter ministries compatible with the gifts and talents he has entrusted to our care. That process may include a time of trial and error. We find the perfect fit by trying on different clothes. The same is often true of finding our niche in the body of Christ. If you would like further information about any of these ministries please call the church office and you will be directed to the appropriate contact persons.

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Audio Visual

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We are responsible for the operation and administration of high quality sight and sound equipment to enhance the worship experience. They also make available recordings of Sunday worship, other services and events to uplift the spirit and strengthen the soul beyond the moment.


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UBC embraces expressions of praise to God through the arts. The Dance Ministry begins our time of worship each second Sunday as well as participates in special services at UBC and throughout the community.


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The Ministry of Education provides varied forums for Biblical teaching and exposure to Godly principles for living necessary for Christian growth. These forums include Sunday School, weekly Church-wide bible studies, Vacation Bible School and lectures at which speakers of both spiritual and academic stature share their wisdom and experiences with the congregation on a wide range of religious, social, political and economic issues. The Ministry is also involved in revitalizing the UBC Computer Resource Center and offers tutoring in basic skills and SAT test preparation.


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The Hospitality Ministry assists in preparing food for a variety of church-sponsored dinners and meetings and provides meals to bereaved families following funerals of church members.


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UBC missionaries most often practice “evangelism by deed,” as they visit the sick, provide assistance to the homebound and support the efforts of Feed the Children International. They meet monthly to coordinate their activities and to share a Bible lesson and discussion guided by “The Worker,” a publication of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. When they are not “in the field” the missionaries enjoy a variety of fellowship events, including trips to plays.


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The Nursery Ministry provides child care during Sunday services for infants, toddlers and children up to three


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The Security Ministry exists to safeguard the UBC family, our friends and visitors during the worship services and other church-sponsored events. They stand ready to assist with issues of safety, parking and accident prevention.

Van Ministry

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The Van Ministry was established to assist members in need of transport to and from church. Van transportation is available for Sunday and Wednesday services and select events.

Young Adults

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Young adulthood—those ages between nineteen and forty when life is at “high noon”—is a time of growth, change, self discovery and development, all of which need to be spiritually grounded, lest we be robbed of many of life’s choice blessings. UBC is dedicated to nurturing young adult congregants by relevant Bible teaching, fellowship and opportunities for service. One of the highlights of YAM is the monthly “Coffee Talk,” an informal, open forum style conversational setting over refreshments at which relevant religious and socio-political issues are discussed. Recently, “Coffee Talk” discussions were initiated by watching episodes of the controversial comic strip and television cartoon series, “Boondocks.” The Singles Ministry is temporarily operating as an extension of the Young Adult Ministry, as a great many UBC young adults are unmarried. Bi-weekly Bible studies for singles and young adults are led by Pastor Spencer and Rev. Mayner.


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The UBC Consolation Ministry brings the love of the church family to the bereaved by offering spiritual and emotional support through visitations and providing information necessary to make funeral arrangements at Union Baptist Church.


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We are an ordained group of laymen who assist with overall congregational care, including visiting the sick, aiding the poor, serving communion, assisting with baptisms and new member reception. The Missionary and Benevolent funds of the church are administered by the Deacons Ministry to aid those who experience financial difficulties and in support of local and worldwide missions.

Higher Heights

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Higher Heights administers the UBC scholarship program and plans the yearly June Baccalaureate service at which those scholarships are awarded and graduates at every level of academia are recognized.


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The Media Ministry is responsible for the production of various UBC publications and promotes church activities in the mass media.


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The members of the Music Ministry commit themselves to leading the congregation in worship and praise through the powerful gift of song. The UBC Music Ministry embraces the broad spectrum of sacred music, blending traditional hymns, gospel, spirituals, anthems, classical and contemporary church music to complement and reinforce the preached word.


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From time to time medical emergencies arise during corporate worship. UBC is blessed to have members with both professional and practical experience to assist in administering basic emergency care and first aid to individuals who may become ill while attending service, as well as helping the disabled.


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UBC ushers strive to deliver courteous service and create a warm environment as they carry out their duties to direct worshipers to their seats, as well as assist in maintaining the spiritual decorum and reverence appropriate for worship.

Web Ministry

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The Web Ministry maintains the church’s website and ensures that up to date information regarding church events are available via internet.


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UBC Youth Ministry is the umbrella for a number of activities created to provide a spiritual, safe and encouraging Christian environment in which youth can grow and mature in their faith. On second and forth Sundays, children ages 4-12 are invited to participate in “Kids in Divine Service” or “KIDS” church. Wednesday at 7 p.m. features WIP: Works in Progress,” a mentoring Bible study for teens ages 13-18 followed by a time of fellowship and recreation. “Free Style Friday” is a monthly opportunity for youth to engage their faith in a variety of outside activities including service projects, cultural events, the “Sisters Circle” for girls and “Just for Men” gathering for boys.

There are a number of other spiritual, recreational and service activities for youth scheduled throughout the year, the highlight of which is the annual Youth Retreat in April.


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TEAM—“Together and Excited About Marriage”

Couples Ministry meets regularly throughout the year for fellowship, recreation and exploration of biblical principles for strong marriages and healthy family relationships.


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We are a group of women committed to the spiritual nurture and support of UBC members. Two of their main responsibilities are preparation of Communion and assisting with preparation of baptismal candidates. The impact of the UBC Deaconess Ministry is felt beyond the church walls by their sponsorship of an annual breast cancer awareness luncheon, the proceeds of which are donated to breast cancer research.


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The Homeless Ministry provides a hot meal, clothing, blankets, shoes and coats on every first and third Saturday to all persons in need.

Men’s Fellowship

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The Men’s Fellowship Ministry (MFM) is an opportunity for the men of the church to surround themselves with other brothers in Christ who encourage and challenge them, share their struggles, help them when they stumble and cheer for their successes. Bible studies, retreats, social and service activities provide practical training and opportunities for men to fulfill God-given roles in the church, the family and the community.

New Members

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The New Member Ministry greets those who are new to our fellowship and introduces them to the life and ministry of the church and opportunities for service. Periodic fellowship activities are also held to welcome new members.

Pastor’s Aide

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The Pastor’s Aide Ministry strives to express the appreciation of the congregation for our Pastor by offering spiritual, personal and financial support to the First Family.


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Trustees carry out the fiduciary responsibilities of the congregation and work to maintain the church’s physical properties. To ensure a greater level of accountability, the UBC Trustee Ministry works in tandem with an independent certified public accountant who reviews church financial records on an on-going basis.

Women’s Fellowship

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Together, the women of UBC form a beautiful collage of gifted and committed sisters in Christ. They surrender their gifts to God, the church family, and the surrounding community as living expressions of grace through service, worship and fellowship activities advancing the church’s identity as “one in Christ, one in heart and one in mission.” Some would say, “These sisters got it going on!” Many will attest to the truth of that statement, having shared in the annual Women’s Retreat, the Gospel Jazz Brunch, Village Supper, Prayer Warriors, and a host of other activities sponsored by the group.

Extra Years of Zeal Ministry

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The congregation is blessed to witness God’s keeping power in the lives of a group of “seasoned saints” who put the “X” in extra. XYZ provides fun and fellowship for seniors through regularly scheduled recreational activities, including lunches, bus trips and dinner theater. Quarterly luncheons are planned to celebrate member birthdays. XYZ also provides information and referral services regarding issues of health, housing and social security.

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